The BodyGuard orthopaedic supports by the Accapi Laboratory are made from Nexus ES fibre. This unique, revolutionary and patented fibre has three precious elements present in nature, namely platinum, titanium and aluminium and produces a natural and constant infrared emission which acts on the body and the liquid it contains, improving the circulation of the blood, especially of the peripheral micro-circulation. It also boosts muscular oxygenation and the thermal regulation of the body. Moreover, it provides a purifying action and stimulates the elimination of lactic acid.


All the supports in the BodyGuard line, made according to the best requisites of quality, take advantage of the characteristics of this fibre to offer effective support, protection and heat both as prevention and in the treatment of trauma, from sport or otherwise, and are useful in anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving treatment.


They also offer valid support in preventing the risk of new traumas, improving the elasticity of

muscles, tendons and ligaments with a wide range of products.


As a result several official medical tests, the “Bodyguard” line was  acknowledged as “Medical Devices Class 1” by the Italian Ministry of Health in November 2008.

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