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Sport Wellness Centre (SWC) is here to be your guide when it comes to improving your sports or athletic performance and well-being.

SWC partners with athletes, their doctors and fitness coaches, and sports organizations to ensure that we understand your needs and be able to advice you well on:

• Improving your blood circulation for better muscular oxygenation; improving muscle strength and optimizing the processes of thermoregulation and thermo genesis to avoid excessive perspiration

• Improving overall muscular and body relaxation; improving your sleeping time for better recovery

• Improving recovery time – during and after the activity and following injuries

• Helping faster expulsion of toxins to avoid muscle pains and loss of energy

• Improving body posture and reducing micro-traumas

• Improving water absorption for better and faster hydratation and better performance

We have exclusive technology partnerships with two leading and innovative companies, ACCAPI and TECNOPED who with a combined expeince of more than 30 years are continuasly investing in research and innovations to stay ahead of sports wellness. Their products are tested by independent laboratories, athletes, doctors and universities to maintain quality, reliability and also ensure the products deliver the benefits expected.

We are glad to be part of your sports wellness.

Our Mission

To provide you with a selection of sports wellness solutions to address your needs when you practice your favorite sport, be it for leisure or for competition; and to help you improve your recovery, relaxing and sleeping time.

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